novel Author (romance, young adult)

Serbian roots, Hungarian citizenship, Spanish schooling, English family – friends and living in Austrias capital.

My heart belongs to Hospitality, mostly revenue management. However sometimes it’s good to relax, where I find my peace in writing.

As you see, there are a lot of cultures and interesting things that brought me from one place to the other.

Great inspirations to current and future novels to come.


The Promise

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The Vow

The journey with Tess continues. More information to come in 2021. Stay up to date through this page or the facebook page.


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The promise

Getting Published

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Getting Published

The Vow

Customers reviews

Stefan Mladenovic
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Throughout the whole book you feel like growing up with Tess and the more you get to know her, the more you become attached to the whole story. You continuously try to anticipate what is she going to decide next but it is not that easy... A story full of twists and turns that makes you read it over the weekend. Looking forward to the new adventures of Tess.
Zorica Harben
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Rollercoaster of emotions and dilemmas young Tess is going through teenage years and youth takes reader back in time. Exiting and romanic story for everyone. Highly recommend.
Kate D.
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I felt the story very close to me right from the beginning. I loved how the plot and the character of Tess evolved, starting with the juvenile and ending with the mature stage of her personality. Look forward to read further books from Kristina!
Nata K.
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In the beginning it started little bit too slow without too much action or events and eventually you made it more dynamic. But all in all it was an easy and entertaining reading, I liked the style, I thing if was a good idea to include messages between people as part of our everyday life. And I think the whole novel reflected well lives of a lot of young people
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Have you any relation whom you can call when you've nothing to say but have many things to say... If you didn't got my point... I'm trying to say that .. when you don't want to share anything with world without the best relationship partner you've... It could be anyone... Friend,best friend, mom/dad, boyfriend/girlfriend anyone... Who gave you promise that no matter what happens with you... He/she will be always there for you....
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The Promise is a beautifully penned book by Kristina M. It is a story about the importance of relationships. The story starts with the main lead who has lost her step father who was very close to her. As the story unfolds we also look at Tess's past. It is an emotional and beautiful story. The premise is quite engaging and interesting.


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